On Saturday, July 17, 1999, The Andy Ruenes Foundation had their first official fundraiser. This fundraiser was a concert entitled "The Genesis Concert." Though it was not a packed house, the concert drew a nice crowd. The bands that played were excellent, and the night was a success.

The night started on a great foot with the first band, P.F.R. They are a young band that was originally formed to serve the Lord playing in the spanish masses on Sunday nights at Blessed Trinity Catholic Church. They played mostly cover songs, but showed their talents when they played an original song written by Monique Rodriguez-Feo entitled "For a Friend." She wrote that song in memory of Andy. This band is also made up of Andy’s brother, Eric, and his sister and brother-in-law Carol and Eddie.

The next band that performed was called Rey y Cesar. They are a young spanish rock band who are on their way to making their music their life. They played five songs off of their debut album called “Doce.” Among the songs that they selected for their set, they played a song called “Vuelve a Volar.”  This song was dedicated to Andy on that night by Rey and Cesar who were both friends of Andy’s since they were in high school. These young musicians showed the crowd that they had much more than looks; they are extremely talented both in their playing of their instruments, their singing, and song writing.      

The band that closed the evening is a band that has been around for a very long time. They are called Salt & Light. They played a great set with songs from their debut album “A La Orilla Del Mar.” Aside from those they also sang some of their new material that they hope to have on their up coming album. One of the songs that was sung was called “You Live On” written by Gladys Ruenes for Andy. It was played in both english and spanish. Salt & Light really got the crowd on their feet. They had an excellent performance.          

Even though we did not have a packed house that night, the hall seemed to be full to capacity. Perhaps it was the excitement of all the bands who played, but then again it could have been the amount of love that was transmitted by the bands who all were somehow related to Andy.

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